Caterpillar Corner parent partnerships begins in our Infant room, where our dedicated caregivers and teachers’ partner with you to create an individualized care plan for your child. Infant care requires specialized attention. Caterpillar Corner believes in keeping quality and children first. This stage of life is key to an infant’s development. Every aspect of a child’s care, from feeding schedules to sleep routines, is based on the parent’s preference; in an effort to make our program your home away from home. Our teachers and caregivers help your baby develop the essentials for early brain development through our infant program. Our teachers and caregivers provide interactive curriculum activities throughout the day.

Families enrolled in our Infant programs can expect a secure, nurturing, and age-appropriate environment. We want your child to immediately feel comfortable in his/her surroundings. Our caregivers consider caring for each infant to be a privilege and have great respect for the parent partnership. Our experienced, well-qualified caregivers work hard to develop an individualized routine that works well for each child, to respond promptly to the infants’ changing needs, and to keep parents informed every step of the way.

Personalized electronic daily reports accurately summarize all feedings, diaper changes, rest periods, and activity interests. Parents are encouraged to call daily and visit whenever possible.