The preschool years (ages 2-1/2 to 5) are an exciting time for young children. When they were infants, they developed a trust of their caregivers. As toddlers, they began to establish some independence. Now, as preschoolers, they use this trust and independence to actively explore new forms of play (e.g., pretend play) and new environments (e.g., school).

Preschoolers need to learn how to make choices for themselves and how to feel good about the choices they make. It is their job to "learn to take initiative in socially acceptable ways" (Erikson, 1963).

Preschool-aged children's style of thinking and learning can best be described as "what you see is what you get," or reasoning based on the way things look.

Preschoolers learn through a variety of stimulating, hands-on experiences, all designed to support and advance their development and growth. Caterpillar Corner Learning Center encourages children to be creative and have fun while working in small groups. Our staff promotes participation and allow children to make decisions about how they’d like to learn and play.

Our preschool caregivers maintain an assessment portfolio for each child, which tracks developmental progress using photographs, checklists and work samples. Portfolios are stored in the classroom with their journals, alphabet books, and other work in progress. These materials are always available for parents to review.

Each Child will receive a FRIDAY FOLDER. These folders will come home every Friday and need to be returned every Monday. These folders will consist of their homework, completed classroom materials, and any other parent communication. Please take the time to go over your child’s Friday folder.

“Children are made readers
On the laps of their parents”
-Emilie Buchwald